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Donald Trump

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LastAdam “lvstvdvm” is an indepenent rapper, producer, songwriter from Newark, NJ creating conversation through controversy. Influenced by artists like Kanye West, Dr. Dre, Lil Wayne, Eminem & JAY Z his music references school shootings,racism, love, social networking, religion,immigration, and political issues as a form of resistance against the system. His music is a direct response to his surrounding environment and he uses his everyday experiences from the artist a starting point. Often these are situations that would go unnoticed by the average artist but he has a tendency of looking at social issues from a new perspective. His works are often about contact with people who have less than the norm and are pushed away by society. By using popular themes such as sexuality,

family structure and violence, Donald Trump and Trump news, he focuses on the idea of a "change". His works often refers to pop and mass culture and current events and he’s often been compared to Eminem with the storytelling capabilities of Nas. Using his songs to reflect a world where rules try to hold back free speech and destroy freethinkers. His works appear as dreamlike images in the listeners minds in which fiction and reality meet to create conversation at the water cooler.

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